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6 Day Beijing Capital Tour. Land Only, From $288
8 Day Zhangjiajie, China Fantastic Tour. Land Only, From $599
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13 Days 12 Nights China Ancient Culture Tour
Starting Price: $1,080.00
Tour Code: BHN13D10 Start City: Beijing End City: Beijing
Available: Specified date on 04/01-12/31/2015
Place to Visit:
Available:   Arrived in Beijing on Specified date:
Arrival date in Beijing in 2015
April 13 August 10
May 04, 25 September 07, 21
June 08, 29 October 12, 26
July 13 November 16
 Shop Stop:
  • Beiing Pearl, Jade, Silk, Chinese Tea
  • Beijing: Pullman Hotel or Courtyard By Marriott Beijing Northeast Hotelor equivalent 
  • Datong: Howard Johnson Jindi Plaza Datong or equivalent
  • Pingyao: Yunjincheng Grand Hotel or equivalent
  • Taiyuan: Wan Shi Jinghua Hotel or equivalent
  • Zhenzhou: Crown Plaza Hotel Zhongzhou or equivalent
  • Kaifeng: New Century Grand Hotel or equivalent
  • Luoyang: Lee Royal Hotel or equivalent
  • Ground transportation listed on the itinerary;
  • Meals listed in the Itinerary;
  • Professional English/Chinese speaking tour guide;
  • Admission/Entrance Fee listed in the Itinerary;
  • Hotel accommodation (5 stars or higher);
  • Daily bottle drink water will be provided in your trip.
  • Any flight domestic & International air fares/tax.
  • Any items not listed in the itinerary;
  • Fee for extended stay in Shanghai, $120.00 - $150.00/room/night
  • Passport, visa fee.
  • Medical and tour cancellation insurance.
  • Have to pay USD550.00 to tour guide after arriving in Beijing for
  1. $130.00(Tips for 13 days/Adult and children pay the same.)
  2. $420P/P of Beijing :Kung Fu Show+Hutong+ see pandas at Beijing Zoo and Shanxi: Yungang Caves+ Nine-Dragon Screen+ Huayan Monastery+ the Hanging Temple+ Pingyao ancient city+ Qiao's Compound /Chang Compound+Jinci Temple andHenan:Dragon pavilion+ Kaifeng + steel tower+ Shaolin Temple+ Martial arts performance+ Longmen Grottoes+ Guanlin Temple+ Yellow River scenic spot.(Adult and children pay the same.)
  Tour Itinerary:
  1. Day 1 Arrive in Beijing
  2. Day 2 Beijing (B, L, D)
  3. Day 3 Beijing (B, L, D)
  4. Day 4 Beijing - Datong (B, L, D)
  5. Day 5 Datong - Pingyao (B,D)
  6. Day 6 Pingyao - Taiyuan (B,L)
  7. Day 7 Taiyuan - Zhenzhou (B,D)
  8. Day 8 Zhenzhou - Kaifeng (B,L,D)
  9. Day 9 Kaifeng - Shaolin Temple - Luoyang (B/L/D)
  10. Day 10 Luoyang - Zhenzhou (B/L/D)
  11. Day 11 Zhenzhou - Beijing (B/L/D)
  12. Day 12 Beijing (B/L/D)
  13. Depart from Beijing (B)
  Price Details:
Double Room Single
Children Price
(2 - 17 years old)
Without bed With bed (Share same room) Under 2 years old
$1080.00 $750.00 $510.00 $680.00 Free (without bed)
  • Tips: $130.00 (Tips for 13 days/Adult and children pay the same.)
  • Admission fee: $420P/P of Beijing :Kung Fu Show+Hutong+ see pandas at Beijing Zoo and Shanxi: Yungang Caves+ Nine-Dragon Screen+ Huayan Monastery+ the Hanging Temple+ Pingyao ancient city+ Qiao's Compound /Chang Compound+Jinci Temple andHenan:Dragon pavilion+ Kaifeng + steel tower+ Shaolin Temple+ Martial arts performance+ Longmen Grottoes+ Guanlin Temple+ Yellow River scenic spot.(Adult and children pay the same.)
  • Per person have payabel $550.00 after pick-up at Beijing airport and pay in US Dollars.
 Terms & Conditions:
  1. BeijingMUST BE the first entry city
  2. Travelers who participate in any other tours may only join this Tour on a separate occasion (re-enter the country). Or there will be additional cost.
  3. Minimum of 2 participants required.
  4. Tour generally accepts foreign travelers from the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand who are permanent residents or passport holders.
  5. Traveler(s) MUST follow the scheduled 6-day tour itinerary and join all tour activities. Otherwise there will be additional cost.
  6. Adults and children need to pay the same amount for Tour guide & driver Service Charge and admission fees. [It’s mandatory not optional. Please give it to the local tour guide in full amount. Or Agency collects it before customers’ departure.]
  7. We are not responsible for special room arrangement requests; if only one traveler occupies one room, then the traveler needs to pay a Single Supplemental Fee.
  8. Free shuttle services are not provided for travelers who arrive in advance or extend their stay (we would be glad to arrange shuttle services at an additional cost: US$30/person).
  9. Preferred accommodations subject to change to similar class accommodations.
  10. All prices subject to change without notice.
  11. Day-by-day itinerary provided prior to the trip is preliminary and subject to change. We pledge to make every effort to follow the tour itinerary; however unforeseen situations do occasionally occur.
  12. We do not directly provide services that include but are not limited to: custom-tailor shops for suits & dresses, eyewear (frames, lens, and sunglasses), personal seal engravings, etc.
Please read carefully the following terms and conditions for Discount China tours.
If you would like to more information or make a reservation, please email to info@travelgo2.net or call 718.886.1068
Day 01 Arrival in Beijing
Upon arrival in Beijing, you will be met and transferred to your hotel by our tour guide. Hotel:5☆Beijing Pullman Hotel or Courtyard By Marriott Beijing Northeast Hotel or equivalent
Day 02 Beijing (B/L/D)
Meet your tour guide and join today’s tour: Tiananmen Square, the largest city center in the world. Forbidden City, where the 24 emperors of the Ming and the Qing Dynasties ruled the Middle Kingdom for nearly 500 years (1420-1911), view the world's greatest cultural heritage , a visit to the Pearl factory, visit the Temple of Heaven, built in 1420, the temple was where emperors went to worship heaven for good harvests. Peking Duck Dinner at night. Hotel:5☆Beijing Pullman Hotel or Courtyard By Marriott Beijing Northeast Hotel or equivalent
Day 03 Beijing (B/L/D)
Tour the Great Wall (Juyongguan Pass), Stop by the Jade shop, view the exterior of the "Bird's Nest" (Beijing National Stadium) and the "Water Cube, (National Aquatics Center), enjoy a free foot massage. You need to pay US$40P/P for Kung Fu Show. Hotel:5☆Beijing Pullman Hotel or Courtyard By Marriott Beijing Northeast Hotel or equivalent
Day 04 Beijing - Datong (B/L/D)
You need to pay US$180P/P for tickets of scenic spots in Shanxi In the morning, take coach to a thousand-year-old ancient city-Datong, Shanxi province, you will see the No.1 must-see in Datong the stunning Yungang Caves. Few words can be used to describe the overwhelming feeling when you just stand in the front of these giant Buddha statues. It is far different to see them on the spot from in the photos, videos or other media. Then visit a must-see in Datong - the Nine-Dragon Screen,which is three times larger than the one in Beihai Park, Beijing. According to the historical record, it was built for the Prince Hongwu, the 13th son of the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). And there is an interesting story behind this screen, awaiting you to discover. Hotel: 5☆Howard Johnson Jindi Plaza Datong or equivalent.
Day 05 Datong - Pingyao (B/L/D)
It’s worth to see Huayan Monastery of Datong, which was named after the Huayan sect of Buddhism. And it is the largest and most perfectly preserved temple of the Liao (916-1125) and Jin (1115-1234) dynasties in China. Uniquely its architecture, sculptures, murals are rare forms of art known to China’s Liao Dynasty, and then on the way to Pingyao, how can we miss the Hanging Temple? It is definitely an architecture wonder in the world, even more spectacular than Leaning Tower of Pisa, built in Northern Wei Dynasty, The whole temple hanging on the cliffs, wonders of world for over the abyss, site risks, unique construction, rich connotation. Finally, coach to Pingyao(2-3hs),enjoy the famous Family banquet Hotel: 5☆Yunjincheng Grand Hotel or equivalent.
Day 06 Pingyao - Taiyuan (B/L/D)
Tour the Pingyao ancient city, over 2800-year old, one of the best preserved ancient cities, the ancient walls, streets, houses, shops, temples formed the giant ancient building complex, it’s really amazing. Followed a visit of Qiao's Compound or Chang Compound in Taiyuan, marking your last visit before entering Pingyao, offers you a whole picture of what Chinese rich family's life was like in old times., formed the hot scenic spots because of films and Tele plays. Enjoying Shaved noodles at night. Hotel: 5☆Wan Shi Jinghua Hotel or equivalent.
Day 07 Taiyuan - Zhenzhou (B/L/D)
You need to pay US$150P/P for scenic spots tickets in Henan The first one is Jinci Temple in Taiyuan, was built in west Zhou about over3000years ago in China, the combination of large ancestral temple complex and classical gardens, a historical and cultural site gathering precious ancient architecture, sculptures, fresco and steles. You can get a feeling of ancientry from those ancient sculptures. After lunch, take HSR(High speed rail) to Zhenzhou, ancient city of plain in China, capital of Henan province, Yellow River Basin's Henan forming the strategic military in ancient time. Hotel: 5☆Crown Plaza Hotel Zhongzhou or equivalent.
Day 08 Zhenzhou - Kaifeng (B/L/D)
After breakfast, take coach to Kaifeng, the birthplace of compass, gunpowder and block printing in China, tour the Dragon pavilion, the royal palace relic in Northern Song and Jin dynasty, and walking in Yujie street, then visit Kaifeng and steel tower, enjoying local flavor-steamed stuffed bun at night. Hotel: 5☆New Century Grand Hotel or equivalent.
Day 09 Kaifeng - Shaolin Temple - Luoyang (B/L/D)
In the morning, take coach to Luoyang, about over 4000-year-old ancient capital, you’ll go visit the 1,500-year-old Shaolin Temple, You’ll tour straightly the Pagoda Forest in the rear of the temple. Present is a stunning forest of pagodas (232 pagodas in total!) in memorial of the prominent monks who spent their lives in Shaolin Temple and won honor for the temple. The oldest two pagodas can date back to Tang dynasty (618-907) and all of them mirror various architectural styles in as many as 5 significant dynasties in China. halls of practicing kungfu for monks and lots of martial books, near is the largest cluster of pagodas in the world, to understand why the temple has survived centuries of turmoil, you’re arranged to appreciate the wonderful Martial arts performance. Look how they box, smash bricks and handle assorted arms like spear, cudgel, rope, sword, etc, you’ll be deeply impressed, then take coach to Luoyang, visiting Old City, witness for ancient city –Luoyang, the earliest and longest capital in China. Local Soup banquet. Hotel: 5☆Lee Royal Hotel or equivalent.
Day 10 Luoyang - Zhenzhou (B/L/D)
Tour the Longmen Grottoes, over 1500 years old, altogether 100,000 Buddha with different sizes. Longmen Grottoes, and Yungang Grottoes and Mogao grottoes are the largest three grottoes in China. Then visiting Guanlin Temple, one of the three largest Guanlin in China, take coach back Zhenzhou. Hotel: 5☆Crown Plaza Hotel Zhongzhou or equivalent.
Day 11 Zhenzhou - Beijing (B/L/D)
Taking coach to Yellow River scenic spot, have lunch back downtown of Zhenzhou, drive back Beijing by HSR (High speed rail). Hotel: 5☆Beijing Grand Mercure Hotel or equivalent.
Day 12 Beijing (B/L/D)
You will tour the Summer Palace, the famous resort of Empress Dowager Ci Xi. Feast your eyes on the Long Corridor, Longevity Hill, and Kunming Lake. Stop by the Silk shop, take a visit of Hutong, and see pandas at Beijing Zoo with cost of US$50P/P, have a taste Chinese tea in tea house. Hotel: 5☆Beijing Grand Mercure Hotel or equivalent
Day 13 Depart from Beijing
Board your return flight home.
Total Price: $1,830.00
Select Your Departure Date:  
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